• A How-To Book
    for Serious Recyclers
    No Newspaper Log Roller Needed!
    You can make these tightly rolled newspaper logs. All you need is lots of newspaper, a flat surface, and a little patience.

    No soaking, drying, wires, wax or burnt ruberband smell!

    Over 30 digital photographs
  • Detailed, step by step instructions
  • The Logs are dense and tight
  • Made entirely from paper
  • Secured in a three-fold process so they don't unroll.


Oct 17, 2010

Dear mountainstarr,
I'm not real good at navigating on ebay but I will try to get this feedback on correctly.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your booklet on making newspaper logs and fire starters.
Directions were clear and I was making logs first try. Received the booklet really quickly.
Thank you.
- rickycathy


Dec-05-08 11:41      Excellent little booklet! Quick shipping. Great Ebay seller! A+++++ (eBay)

Dec-04-08 18:12      My son has had a great time making paper logs thank you.(eBay)

Dec-04-08 16:37      Thanks! great idea! I'm burning paper right now! (eBay)

Nov-29-08 17:19       Nice booklet a lot of photos just started trying to apply method Thank you. (eBay) 

Nov-28-08 08:14       Best recycling idea; had 3 people ask where I learned the technique (eBay) 

Nov-14-08 16:54       Great book. Thanks for sharing a great idea! (eBay) 


19 Nov 2008 Email  Hi: I’m amazed the logs work so well, even when I make them sloppy and in a hurry.

 Nov-05-08 05:13     Excellent booklet (eBay)

Oct-15-08 16:08       Very pleased with product, communication was excellent. Thank You!” (eBay)


06 Oct 2008 Email  We have made up a bunch, are looking forward to trying them out...the (log)rollers looked complicated and they were expensive, found your book as alternative, the instructions were clear, to the point and easy to follow.  We're excited about our new discovery.

Thanks! You're saving us money and allowing us to recycle as well.

Oct-03-08 13:05  Great product, great service. (eBay)

Sep-25-08 10:44 Super quick shipping. Excellent communication. Great booklet!” (eBay)

Sep-23-08 13:52 “Great money saving manual. Can't wait to try it out. Thx so much !” (eBay)

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Sep-12-2008 Email  Your Method Really Works!


Dear Diane

Thanks so much for sending my book.  The demo last night went very well and we are planning to do another demo next month for those who missed it. Your directions are very easy to follow and they turned out.  I love it when people take an idea and improve on it--good job!
Thanks, Diane,
Stephanie Lund